Thursday, January 14, 2010

Change, Constant and Continuam

More than one year without writing...
Just reading, meditating and trying to implement learning's(Technical as well as philosophical). That is how the last year passed by when I involved myself into action.

My understanding of "Change" completes here. Its a continuam. Its part of life. Observed everywhere. Sometime I wonder, is it the "Maya"(Illusion) surrounding us?...

I am closing this topic now. This is my last post in this series.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A planned weekend of multiple activities.

When it comes to planning a weekend, I have very laid back approach. (Mine are either unplanned or purely circumstantial) But this time 8th and 9th Nov 2008, I wanted to make it happen. Approach was to start early on Friday evening with below planning:
  1. Try PCBSD7.0.1 on my HP L2000 Laptop. Friday night plan.
  2. Research on Minimalism. Saturday night plan.
  3. Visit Nandi Hills a vacation place near by Bangalore. Sunday plan.
The first one was exiting but resulted in not able to install on my laptop. The boot dvd never booted on actual laptop, but worked well on virtual machine! I had plans to have Ubuntu and PCBSD 7.0.1 dual boot in the same laptop. But no luck! Boot always resulted in a system freeze after firwire detection at hptrr:no controller detected.

Minimalism, is an approach to the life. Can be a philosophy. For me this was a change. It all started with my cluttered system desktop. My first approach was to use 5S. Worked well for some time. Thinking about root cause can I not land up into this situation in first place?. Lot of links lead me to Minimalism. Unclutterer and Zen Habits are most referred by me. IMHO Use, Buy, create, write or talk any of these when applied minimalism; more effectiveness can be attained.

Visit to Nandi hills was more satisfying. It was pleasant weather, less traffic, Nice drive and a good place to visit. This was our first outing with son Tejas. He Enjoyed the play ground on top of nandi hills.
It was a good opportunity to have a closure look at nature too. I hardly see any ants in my house. So this one.
And while returning the sunset view on NH7 was beautiful.

All this deduces to - Planning events helps in enjoying things more (unless there are unavoidable circumstances interferes with plan), and choosing few gives more control over what best can be done.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

OpenID enabled.

With Microsoft and Google announce OpenID support my blog is also OpenID enabled. That means any OpenID enabled user can comment.

More info on OpenID is here.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dvorak experiment completed

Well after a long time, I could dedicate some time to Dvorak, which was initiated in here. Yes, It is fruitful. The software approach was used. So, I have to remember layout. Alternatively a background is embedded with Dvorak layout, as below.

Now, I am using Dvorak daily. It feels good.
Share your experience with DSK!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

First year Birthday of Tejas

Phew, my son Tejas is already one year old. It seems as if he was born yesterday!... It was a very nice parenting experience. His naughty smiles, tiresome... late night cries, his first teeth (the pain he and we as parents experienced). His hugs when I leave to office and come back from office (if he is awake)... and lot more...
For him 1st year birthday celebrations were all too new. He was hyperactive whole day.

We had simple family style aarti (Indiam tradition) for him and at evening a little bit of cake cutting after visiting temple.

Here are some pics of event.

Cake cutting.

Clapping hands when having cake from grandma.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Zen to Done by Leo Babauta

Well, if you are Productivity practitioner, you may be already aware of David Allen's GTD (Getting Things Done) and Leo Babauta's ZTD (Zen to Done). The beauty of ZTD is in its simplicity. BTW, there is a concept of Minimalistic ZTD also. In the below image 1 to 4 habits constitute Minimalistic ZTD.
So, when I learnt about ZTD at Zen Habits, my first instict was to convey the same message in picture. Hence a thought to put the concept in mind map.
The principles explained are also published as an e-book.
I have not bought the E-book, but greatly benefited by the principles described in the Zen habits. Below is my effort to put the essence of ZTD into an image generated by freemind mindmap.
Please visit Zen Habits to learn more. Comments and improvements are welcome.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Busy!? BreakAway.

Well... After a long time.... thought will write and post something.
Past two months were pretty busy. Decided to move on to new house.
Shifting was hectic. Yet settling down.
Getting internet connection established took 2 weeks. Had to run around to change the postal address for services availed.

Workwise, hectic weeks.

A look back into past.
A pic from Singapore:

An evening in Karwar:

So long... Will be back soon.