Sunday, July 27, 2008

First year Birthday of Tejas

Phew, my son Tejas is already one year old. It seems as if he was born yesterday!... It was a very nice parenting experience. His naughty smiles, tiresome... late night cries, his first teeth (the pain he and we as parents experienced). His hugs when I leave to office and come back from office (if he is awake)... and lot more...
For him 1st year birthday celebrations were all too new. He was hyperactive whole day.

We had simple family style aarti (Indiam tradition) for him and at evening a little bit of cake cutting after visiting temple.

Here are some pics of event.

Cake cutting.

Clapping hands when having cake from grandma.


pachu said...

Nice snaps..

When will be the next post ?

sid said...

Thanks Buddy!

Hope it will be soon.